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Free Registration for CommercialOpenHouse.com™ Registration for Agents, Brokers, Professionals, and Advertisers!

    Our slogans are: Why wait 'til Sunday?® and The door is always openTM.

    What do these slogans represent? Both highlight our ability for potential renters to view apartments, condos, and homes as though they were actually at an on-site open house tour. By capturing an open house video tour on CommercialOpenHouse.com, renters across the country, and in fact around the world, are able to view a narrative tour describing the property.

    CommercialOpenHouse.com is a patent pending web site. This means that a number of our features, some listed below, can only be supported by CommercialOpenHouse.com for the next 18 years if our patent is approved. As such, CommercialOpenHouse.com is the ONLY WEB SITE TODAY that can support all of the following features:

      1. Renters
        By registering, renters can edit/save their profile, save searches, ask questions, and participate in City Blog.

      2. Targeted Zip Code Advertising
        Landlords, property managers, and professionals can display their ad and contact information when properties are listed. To maximize your exposure, we limit the number of ads per zip code.

      3. Activate Videos When Needed
      4. Property managers and landlords can make a video of a property. When property is vacant, you can activate property to be viewed on our website. When property is rented, you can make property not viewable on our website.

      5. Interactive Open House Video ToursTM
        Allows the renter to select what to view next as though they are on an actual on-site open house tour. Interactive tours save landlords and property managers a significant amount of time by allowing renters to view properties without physically being present at property site.

      6. Supports iPhone®, AndroidTM, And Tablets
        Landlords and property managers can use their iPhone®, AndroidTM phone, or tablet (e.g., an iPad® ) to add a new property listing, attributes, take and upload photos and video while at the property location. You don't need a computer to use CommercialOpenHouse.com.

      7. Enhances YouTubeTM and Other Website Videos
        For videos found on YouTubeTM and other video-based websites, CommercialOpenHouse.com makes it easier for renters to locate property videos and ensure they are for active listings. Property attributes, photos, street view, and a hybrid satellite map are associated with video.

      8. Wireless Open House Tours
        Renters can use laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other WiFi devices to view property details, photos, and video of a property while physically outside the property.

      9. Full Screen Video Tours
        With a click of a button, renters are able to view full screen open house video tours.

      10. Global Support, Local Look
        CommercialOpenHouse.com supports all 50 states and most countries, but renters only see local properties when available.

      11. myOpenHouse Searches
        Renters specify property features they want.

      12. Compare Properties
        Allows renters to easily select and compare properties.

      13. Integrated with FreeRealEstateFeed.com
        Agent properties on CommercialOpenHouse.com are fully documented and posted daily to FreeRealEstateFeed.com, a global real estate listing service.

      14. Integrated with Google's Street View
        View sharp, full screen photos of properties across the USA. By typing in an address, city, state combination, view your home, a current listing, or a recently sold property on CommercialOpenHouse.com.

      15. Introduction Videos
        An introduction video lets landlords and property managers to speak to your potential customers, letting them know who you are and what you're about. Your video can be played when your Zip Code Ad is selected.

      16. Onsite Open House Tours
        Displays scheduled onsite open house dates to renters.

      17. CommercialOpenHouse.com Multimedia Presentations
        Wouldn't it be great if you could watch a multimedia presentation of local properties on your smart phone, tablet, computer, or Smart TV? After performing a search, click on the Play OHO Show button to view a slide show and property videos. Slide shows are integrated with maps, street views, and videos.

      18. Since Your Last Visit
        Visit us today and see all local properties for rent or lease. Visit us again and you'll initially only see new or updated properties since your last visit. This feature is integrated with our patent-pending multimedia presentations and allows an easy way to stay current with the local real estate market.

    CommercialOpenHouse.com also:

    • Supports national, state, and city advertisements.
    • Supports social media sites Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.
    • Integrated with Aurigma, PayPal, Street View, and YouTube.
    • Allows landlords and property managers to customize their listings using "blocks".
    • Can print flyers.
    • Supports unbranded video URLs that can be intergrated with MLS listings.
    • Supports "Find Pro" to allow renters to locate professionals.
    • Supports most web browsers and smartphones.
    • Supports analytics.
    • Provides help desk support to track and resolve issues.
    • Provides advice, and
    • Is just a very colorful, eye pleasing, easy to use web site! ;-)

    Best of all, renters, landlords, property managers, and others can register and become a member of CommercialOpenHouse.com for free. And most of the above services are free to our members too!

    Some immediate benefits are you will be listed when a renter selects Find Pro above for the areas you service and you will have a home page on CommercialOpenHouse.com.

    Are you ready to begin? The first step is to register by pressing the button below.

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